DUTY FREE LIQUOR/WINE:    If you drink, I suggest you stock up at the Belize Duty Free store BEFORE going through Belize Customs.  Imported alcohol is very very, expensive on the island and you can save up to 33% if  you buy at the BZE Duty Free shop.   You are allowed up to 4 Liters per adult.  You’ll realize how good a deal they are after you’ve seen the prices on the island.  You will not be allowed to carry them onto the Tropic Air flight, it will have to be checked in, ask Duty Free for a box and give the Tropic Air bag handler a little tip and ask him to put “fragile” stickers on that bag and you’ll be all set.

MORE ABOUT DUTY FREE ALCOHOL:  Whatever you carry on Tropic/Maya, will have to fit in your lap.  The plane can be very small and crowded.  I usually travel with two carry-ons (a large backpack and a 2nd  bag/purse)  I always have to check my backpack at Tropic and hold my purse and the liquor in my lap during the Tropic flight.  Again, the  quarters on the plane are very tight.  When you purchase the alcohol at the duty free shop, you will provide our passport.  Then you will walk around the corner and check into Tropic Air.  Tropic air staff will take your alcohol and give you a ticket.  As you board the plane, give them your ticket and they will then hand your alcohol back to you so you can carry it on your lap.

 PRE-ORDERING GROCERIES:  Order by logging onto  or  and following their website instructions.  The supplier will need to coordinate delivery to your condo with our caretaker.


HAVE CAB DRIVER STOP BY A STORE ON WAY TO RESORT:  Have your taxi driver stop at Marina’s or Super Buy-South.  Tell the guests to stop ONLY at these 2 stores .  We have had several reports of other stores overcharging tourists and we know these 2 stores are honest.  There will be an additional charge of $10 BZ paid to the taxi driver for his wait time while you shop.


NEARBY GROCERY STORE:  There is a small grocery about a half block away from Caribe Island and Sunset Condos at the end of our street called Marin's Store (1 miles north of Hol Chan Resort).  Hours are 7 AM to 7 PM.  Their prices are very fair and they stock most of the basics a guest would want. NOTE:  Cash only.  Either US dollars or BZ $ are accepted.  Change will probably be in BZ $.


HOW MUCH AND WHAT TYPE OF MONEY SHOULD I BRING?:    The Belize dollar is tied to the U.S. dollar at a fixed 2(BZ)=1(USD).  U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere.  Canadian , Mexican and  European monies are not widely accepted.  Belize Bank has an ATM in San Pedro.  There is no need to exchange currency before arriving.  Most places accept U.S. Dollars and major credit cards.  However,  some will charge a 4% processing fee for credit cards.  

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